Buffalo attacks man for shooting it in Mole National Park

An angry Buffalo has reportedly attacked a 34-year-old man, who shot at it inside the Mole National Park near Zaina Lodge in Larabanga in the Damongo district of the Savannah region.

Information gathered by Adom News indicated that the man, identified as Issahaku Yakubu, entered the park without seeking permission from the management of the Park.

In an interview with the Manager of the Park, Umur Faruk, he explained that it was illegal for Mr Yakubu to enter the park without permission.

“The shooting made the buffalo angry and that was why it attacked Yakubu and he can suffer charges if he is sent to court for unlawful entry into the park,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Assemblyman for the area has revealed the victim is currently responding to treatment at the hospital.

You can listen to the audio by clicking on this link https://www.adomonline.com/buffalo-attacks-man-for-shooting-it-in-mole-national-park-audio/

Source: Adomonline.com | Adom News

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